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   Our company spirit to provide customers with safe, reliable products for the purpose, continuously improve their own at the same time, increased cooperative efforts with the industry well-known brands, establish a perfect sales network and after-sales service system, here we are agree as follows:

    One, we will always adhere to the "to strengthen quality management, enhance the sense of quality, improve the technical level to ensure customer satisfaction," the principle, to ensure that the products of the technical performance in line with national standards, to meet the requirements of customers.

     Two, in the equipment production and sales process, at any time to welcome customers to come to our technical exchanges and our valuable suggestions, and the production of equipment, testing and inspection and supervision.

    Third, sales of the company's products are the implementation of the warranty, warranty period is sold within one year from the date, warranty period, which belongs to the product quality problems caused by fault, shall be borne by the company responsible for maintenance free; after the warranty period lifelong provide paid service and technical guidance.

     Fourth, the company solemn promise, received a phone repair, ensure that the reply within one hour, and depending on the specific situation to arrange personnel to the scene to solve the problem, Wenzhou area within 12 hours in place within, Zhejiang Province, 24 hours in place province depending on the road distance in 48-72 hours in place.

    Credibility is based on the road, the quality of the survival of the present, customer satisfaction is our greatest desire, we will make unremitting efforts to this end!

      Service hotline: 400-660-7188

      Complaints Tel: 13588982780