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Analysis of the working principle of the cam controller

2016/5/22 13:07:04

Cam controller from the appearance, we are not difficult to see from the three parts. The main consists of three parts, mechanical, electrical, door, which handle, a rotating shaft, a cam, a lever, a spring, a positioning ratchet mechanical structure, contact, terminal and connecting plate, etc. for electrical structure. Cover, the casing and the arc shield etc. door structure. Know its structure, then it is how the principle of work? The following is a small series on the simple introduction of the next bar.

The working principle of the cam controller: a lot of (usually 12) cam pieces are sheathed on the rotary shaft of the cam controller, when the hand wheel drives the translocation through the rotating shaft, the contact is broken off or closed. For example, when the cam is in a position (the roller is in the groove of the cam), the contact is closed; when the cam is placed in the flange, the contact is broken. Because the shape of the cam is not the same, the contact amount of the contact is not the same, so the different control requirements are realized. Hand wheel in the rotation process of the Chinese Communist Party has 11 gears, the middle of zero, to the left, the right can turn 5. Cam controller is mainly used for heavy equipment control small wound rotor asynchronous motor start, stop, speed change, reverse and braking. It can also be used in the occasion of the same other electric traction, such as hoist.

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