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An analysis of the function of the cam controller

2016/5/22 13:08:31

Cam controller as a large manual controller, is widely used in machinery, steel, mining, light industry and other automation equipment and automatic production line. The cam controller is made up of three parts, such as mechanical structure, electric structure and protective structure. The hand wheel, the rotating shaft, the cam, the lever, the spring and the positioning ratchet wheel are the mechanical structure. The contact, the connecting pole and the connecting board are electric structures. And cover cover, upper and lower arc shield for protection structure.

The main function of the cam controller: direct operation and control of the positive and negative, speed regulation, start and stop of the motor. When the shaft rotates in turn on hand wheel, fixed on the shaft of the cam coaxial rotate together, when the cam convex portions of the resist roller, a moving contact and the static contacts to be separated; when the rotating shaft drives the cam to rotate to the concave convex wheel and roller relative, dynamic contact under the action of the spring, the dynamic and static contacts close contact, in order to achieve contact is switched on and off to. A cam block with different shapes can be stacked on a square shaft to make a series of movable contacts to be turned on and off in advance. These contacts are received in the motor circuit, and the purpose of controlling the motor can be realized.

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